Sex offender’s registers

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10 Aug 2022 - Belfast Telegraph
A 27-year old man was placed under three years’ probation today after he appeared in court on child porn charges.
01 Mar 2022 - BBC News
A former prosecutor has accused the Metropolitan Police of a "dereliction of duty" over failures to investigate a British paedophile who is on the run.
12 Jan 2022 - Belfast Telegraph
A junior doctor convicted of downloading hundreds of child abuse images over a six-year period has been struck off.
06 Dec 2021 - Wales Online
Raymond Taylor is 'completely horrified' by his actions, a court heard. The material he held included videos of children as young as five being abused
03 Dec 2021 - The Herald
CAMPAIGNERS have called for tougher laws as the number of offences relating to possessing, taking, making, and distributing child abuse material in Scotland has reached a five year high.
01 Dec 2021 - The Independent
Bennell is giving evidence at a High Court trial where eight men who say he abused them are suing Manchester City for damages.
13 May 2021 - BBC News
The body overseeing criminal sentences in England and Wales is proposing treating paedophiles who are caught in stings the same as abusers who harm real children.
13 May 2021 - The Sentencing Council
Download the consultation documents: Consultation Or use the online consultation. If you have any difficulty accessing the consultation or require it in a different format please contact The Sentencing Council...
23 Apr 2021 - Wales Online
A court heard the 29-year-old defendant now realises the images he collected were 'photographs of a crime scene'