Vetting and barring

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13 May 2021 - BBC News
The body overseeing criminal sentences in England and Wales is proposing treating paedophiles who are caught in stings the same as abusers who harm real children.
17 Mar 2021 - Football Association
On November 16th 2016, Andy Woodward’s interview with the sports journalist Daniel Taylor was published in The Guardian newspaper under the headline: “The former professional footballer, who is now 43, is finally able to talk publicly about the...
16 Mar 2021 - BBC News
People are being urged to spot signs that members of their families are viewing indecent images online.
04 Aug 2020 - Belfast Telegraph
A convicted sex offender resided with the mother of two young children, without notifying the relevant authorities, it has been claimed.
09 Jul 2020 - Belfast live
The PSNI's Child Protection Disclosure Scheme which was first introduced in March 2016
12 Mar 2020 - Disclosure and Barring Service
The video aims to show the process of a standard and enhanced DBS application in a more user-friendly way.
27 Jan 2020 - Lancashire Post
A pervert expressed his fantasies about abusing children with someone he believed was a dad-of-two.
26 Jan 2020 - Belfast Telegraph
A self-styled hunter of paedophiles has vehemently denied rumours he is a child abuser himself.
26 Jan 2020 - Daily Post
Former Ruthin School  pupil Cat Hughes was just 15 when she started getting messages on Instagram from Toby Belfield
12 Sep 2019 - Guardian
‘Unusually large exclusion zone’ will be imposed on Vanessa George, who abused toddlers in her care A nursery school worker jailed 10 years ago for sexually abusing children in her care and swapping images of the abuse with two other paedophiles...