Child protection reviews

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16 Aug 2022 - Department for Education (DfE), 2022
These figures are experimental statistics on serious incidents involving children that local authorities have notified the Child Safeguarding Practice Review Panel about. 
03 Aug 2022 - Care Inspectorate Wales
The inspection took place between 23 May and 27 May 2022. The purpose of the inspection was to review Bridgend County Borough Council’s Children’s Services and to consider if areas for improvement highlighted at our assurance check in April 2021 had...
27 Jul 2022 - NSPCC
 Neglect of a 14-year-old girl resulting in hospitalisation in June 2020. Learning includes: early help assessments should incorporate the views of children; when a support plan is closed, any outstanding issues should be relayed to relevant...
27 Jul 2022 - NSPCC
Suicide of an 11-year-old-girl in March 2019. Learning includes: be less risk adverse and more risk sensible around working together; demonstrate professional curiosity around the effect an absent parent or role model may have on the well-being of a...
27 Jul 2022 - NSPCC
 Death of an 8-day-old baby in Summer 2017 following head trauma caused by shaking. Learning includes: maternity services should ensure written records reflect the needs of mother and baby; support plans should be clearly documented to ensure links...
27 Jul 2022 - Hampshire Safeguarding Children Partnership
Multiple injuries to an infant girl in May 2019. Amelia's mother was later charged for child cruelty. Learning includes: the local safeguarding children partnership to consider further promotion of its practitioner-based toolkits to support working...
31 May 2022 - Community Care
Assessments 'too superficial' due to high workloads and unstable workforce, as practitioners 'too readily' accepted family concerns about risks to Star as malicious, says panel
31 May 2022 - The Independent Review of Children's Social Services
An important part of the review’s evidence gathering has been our local deep dives. Over the course of the review, we have worked with ten local areas from across England to help ensure our recommendations were based on the challenges for partners...
19 May 2022 - BBC News
A 12-year-old boy was driven almost 200 miles and housed with a sex offender by a social worker at an under-fire council, the BBC has learned.
04 May 2022 - Community Care
Probe identifies multiple failings by social care and health practitioners in case of girl who suffered chronic neglect and serious injuries