Child protection conferences and other child protection meetings

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23 Nov 2020 - Scottish Government
Historical meeting papers for the LASWS children and families group.
27 Oct 2020 - Guardian
Judges express concern about virtual family court hearings being held during pandemic
20 Aug 2020 - Child & Family Social Work Volume25, Issue2 May 2020
Child protection case conferences (CPCCs) are a fundamental part of child protection processes within the United Kingdom. They provide a mechanism for professionals and families to share information, enter an assessment dialogue, and develop a plan...
20 Aug 2019 - The Irish Examiner
A High Court judge has warned a woman that she could end up back in prison unless she stops posting information about childcare proceedings involving her son on social media.
27 Feb 2018 - Department for Education and Nadhim Zahawi MP
Minister for Children and Families Nadhim Zahawi addresses social work professionals from across the country.
05 Jan 2015 - Department for Education
 When the Secretary of State for Education commissioned this review of childprotection in June 2010, a central question was 'what helps professionals make thebest judgments they can to protect a vulnerable child?'. This final report sets out ...
09 Dec 2014 - Children and Young People Now
Youth organisations are backing a call by young people for government and public bodies to do more to respect their rights and protect them from harm.
27 Nov 2014 - Community Care
 Challenging and distressing child sexual abuse cases have come under scrutiny from social workers who say they need better supervision to manage the emotional impact of working on such cases and access to more and higher quality training....
24 Nov 2014 - Community Care
Sir Keir Starmer has attacked the national culture of 'witch hunting' that follows child protection tragedies and is, he warned, harming social work. Speaking to a packed crowd of social workers at Community Care Live, the former head of...
24 Nov 2014 - Community Care
Social workers must take control of their profession or continue to be the "lame ducks" in high profile tragedies where multiple agencies have failed, Sharon Shoesmith has warned. The former children's services director – who was...