Inclusive child protection practice

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31 May 2022 - Community Care
Assessments 'too superficial' due to high workloads and unstable workforce, as practitioners 'too readily' accepted family concerns about risks to Star as malicious, says panel
16 Dec 2021 - Local Government
A national review and local inspection will take place following the murder of Arthur Labinjo-Hughes has been announced by the Government.
23 Jul 2021 - Journal of Social Sciences
Children’s right to participation is enshrined in the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC), specifically in Article 12; however, the participation of children in the protection system continues to be a challenge. There is a need for a...
23 Apr 2021 - Community Care
Herefordshire children’s services will undergo external review and an independently monitored improvement plan following case where social workers ‘ignored’ senior judge and experienced psychiatrist
10 Mar 2021 - BBC News
Children at the secure training centre are locked up for more than 23 hours a day during the pandemic.
01 Dec 2020 -
This article explores trust in children’s relationships with professionals in the context of safeguarding concerns. With exception, existing research with children about trust in professionals often fails to unpick trust. Using sociological...
04 Nov 2020 - Scottish Government
A list of published child rights and wellbeing impact assessments (CRWIAs) from December 2015 onwards.
03 Nov 2020 -
Increased child poverty in Europe has urged the need for poverty alleviating measures, such as family intervention projects. In this project, family coordinators follow-up low-income families on multiple areas. The cluster-randomised evaluation...
03 Nov 2020 - The British Journal of social work
Research into social work and child protection has begun to observe practice to find out what social workers actually do, however, no such ethnographic research has been done into long-term practice. This article outlines and analyses the methods...
30 Jan 2020 - NSPCC
Schools play an essential role in protecting children from abuse. They have regular contact with children and young people so are in a strong position to identify signs of abuse and neglect. Your school can safeguard children by: creating safe...