Risk assessment

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27 May 2022 - Guardian
A review of social services’ role before the murders of Star Hobson and Arthur Labinjo-Hughes rightly avoids pinning blame on individualsThere were 536 incidents involving serious harm to a child, where abuse was a factor, in the year to March 2021...
19 Jan 2022 - Human Rights Law Review, Volume 22, Issue 1, March 2022
Predictive risk models (‘PRMs’) are increasingly utilized in policing and child protection contexts to monitor, flag and assess children ‘at risk’ of victimization and/or offending. Policing and child protection PRMs focus on similar vulnerable and...
16 Dec 2021 - Local Government
A national review and local inspection will take place following the murder of Arthur Labinjo-Hughes has been announced by the Government.
23 Apr 2021 - Community Care
Herefordshire children’s services will undergo external review and an independently monitored improvement plan following case where social workers ‘ignored’ senior judge and experienced psychiatrist
03 Nov 2020 - The British Journal of social work
Literature suggests that, as parents, people with intellectual disabilities experience disproportionately high rates of child removal compared to other groups. A factorial survey of 191 children’s social workers investigated the effect of disclosing...
02 Oct 2020 - Journal Child Care in Practice Volume 26, 2020 - Issue 2: Risk, Decision-making and Assessment in Child Welfare
Risk has become a driving force within the provision of welfare services in post-modern society (Kemshall [2002]. Conflicting knowledge’s on risk: The case of risk knowledge in the probation service. Health, Risk and Society, 2(2), 153–158). There...
30 Aug 2019 - Wales Online
But others are removed from it as social workers help vulnerable youngsters who are the victims of neglect and abuse
04 Jul 2019 - Community Care
 You know the headlines. Demand for children's social services is soaring. In the past decade, the number of section 47 enquiries has more than doubled. The number of looked-after children is at its highest level since 1989.
05 Mar 2019 - Community Care
 Surrey director Dave Hill speaks positively about his plans to turn round children's services in the county in the wake of two consecutive inadequate ratings
25 Feb 2019 - youtube NSPCC
 Catherine Hadland is a multi-agency safeguarding hub specialist nurse. In this film she shares her advice for dealing with disclosures of harmful sexual behaviour from children and young people and explains what health professionals should consider...