Homeless accommodation

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16 Aug 2022 - Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities
This is an introductory welcome guide for children under 18 who are moving from Ukraine to England under the Homes for Ukraine scheme.
20 Jul 2022 - Centrepoint
Centrepoint is the leading national charity working with homeless young people aged 16 to 25. We are a registered social housing provider, a charity enterprise and a company limited by guarantee. Established 50 years ago, we provide accommodation...
20 Jul 2022 - Centerpoint
Having somewhere to call home is a fundamental human need. But thousands of young people across the UK are deprived of this essential right and face homelessness, exclusion and housing insecurity. This in turn risks trapping them in a cycle of...
14 Jul 2022 - Irish Examiner
Refugees fleeing Ukraine who had to sleep on mattresses and the bare floor of the old terminal building at Dublin Airport last night were grateful for a place that was quiet.
20 Jun 2022 - BBC News
Two local rights groups are criticising the Home Office for the treatment of the children.
12 May 2022 - BBC News
A growing number of under-18s seeking asylum in Scotland have been unlawfully recorded as adults and left in hostels for months with no help, the BBC has been told.
01 Apr 2022 - The Independent
Primary school aged children have been placed in unregulated hotels youngsters have disappeared from
22 Mar 2022 - BMJ Paediatrics Open Volume 6, Issue 1
Introduction Despite increasing prevalence, European family homelessness remains under-researched. Methods A retrospective review was performed of homeless children attending a paediatric emergency department in Dublin, Ireland, from 1 January 2017...
22 Mar 2022 - Scottish Government
Additional statistical tables relating to youth homelessness between 2021 to 2021.
10 Nov 2021 - Irish Independent
There have been calls to reform homeless legislation to ensure the rights and the best interests of children are put to the fore, a charity has said.