Parents and children of ethnic minority status

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16 Aug 2022 - Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities
This is an introductory welcome guide for children under 18 who are moving from Ukraine to England under the Homes for Ukraine scheme.
27 Jan 2022 - Community Care
Rapid age assessments carried out on two asylum seekers did not provide them with safeguards required by law, finds judge
13 Dec 2021 - NSPCC
This information is aimed at practitioners, but is also helpful for anyone working or volunteering with children and young people from Black, Asian and minoritised ethnic communities.
19 Nov 2021 - RTE Nerws
A couple who were found guilty of the female genital mutilation of their one-year-old daughter in 2016, in the first trial of its kind in this country, have had their convictions quashed on appeal.
20 Oct 2021 - BBC
Hear from Afghan teenagers who are receiving English lessons, thanks to a local school.
25 Aug 2021 - BBC News
Court action is to be taken against a nursery over claims it discriminated against the wife and daughter of Scotland's health secretary.
04 Jun 2021 - Developmental Child Welfare
This paper looks at how people from Black and Minority Ethnic groups have been disproportionately affected by COVID. The paper links this with both psycho-social factors and childhood stress and trauma. It looks at the effects of unconscious racism...
01 Jun 2021 - Guardian
Two-thirds who have been accepted as refugees would have been turned away under proposed changes, data shows. Thousands of women and child refugees will be abandoned if the government’s New Plan for Immigration goes ahead, according to research.If...
12 Apr 2021 - Guardian
Children in care born to EU parents face complex barriers to remaining in the UK. Three years on, the individual tales of Windrush injustice still have the power to catch my breath. Men and women who moved to Britain as children decades ago, who...
01 Mar 2021 - Department of Children, Equality, Disability, Integration and Youth
 Direct Provision was established in 1999 as a temporary response to accommodating people seeking International Protection. In the decades since, it has proven expensive, inefficient, and ill-equipped to respond to shifting trends in international...