Mental health problems

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15 Aug 2022 - Scottish Government
We want to hear your views on what a new Mental Health and Wellbeing Strategy for Scotland should look like. We have asked a series of questions, and your answers to these will help us write the final Strategy.
11 Aug 2022 - NHS Digital
Local authority assessments for people without mental capacity who are deprived of their liberty.
11 Aug 2022 - Joanna Moncrieff, Ruth E. Cooper, Tom Stockmann, Simone Amendola, Michael P. Hengartner & Mark A. Horowitz
The serotonin hypothesis of depression is still influential. We aimed to synthesise and evaluate evidence on whether depression is associated with lowered serotonin concentration or activity in a systematic umbrella review of the principal relevant...
10 Aug 2022 - BBC
Five students have died since March, with one confirmed and four others suspected of being suicide.
09 Aug 2022 - BBC
Chelsea Mooney was 17 when she died in a Camhs unit last year, following a self-harm incident.
08 Aug 2022 - Health and Social Care Committee
This is a House of Commons Committee report, with recommendations to government. The Government has two months to respond.How people think and feel about their bodies and the steps they take to make perceived improvements has changed significantly...
08 Aug 2022 - Cardiff University
Cardiff University has released a briefing paper exploring the mental health and wellbeing of children in Wales immediately before and 18 months after the start of the pandemic. Findings from student health and wellbeing surveys include: the...
08 Aug 2022 - Cardiff University
Compared to children who began secondary school in 2019, children in Wales who entered year seven in September 2021 were significantly more likely to report elevated symptoms of depression, a Cardiff University report indicates.
04 Aug 2022 - Children's Commissioner England
In The Big Ask, children told us about how much they care about feeling happy and well. They were articulate about their awareness of the artificial dichotomy between mental and physical health. In my visits across England, mental health, wellbeing...
04 Aug 2022 - Childrens Commissioner England
I believe that the foundations of good mental health are put in place before a child is even born. In fact, I believe that the earliest mental health care intervention possible is ensuring that all mothers, fathers, guardians, and families are...