Parental drug use

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12 Nov 2021 - Department for Work and Pensions
An analysis of the second phase projects set up to test what works to reduce parental conflict.
12 Nov 2021 - Department for Work and Pensions
This report summarises evaluation findings from the Reducing Parental Conflict (RPC) programme for the period from December 2019 to January 2021.
09 Nov 2021 - Scottish Government
This report presents the findings of a rapid evidence review of prevalence and harms relating to alcohol and drug use among children and young people.
07 Oct 2021 - Child Maltreatment Vol 26, ISSUE 3, 2021
Recent changes to federal legislation created a requirement for states to address the needs of infants with prenatal substance exposure. Understanding clinical outcomes among substance exposed infants prior to these changes is important for...
16 Sep 2021 - Children and Family Social Work Volume26, Issue1
Parental substance misuse is a significant public health and children's rights issue. In the United Kingdom, social workers frequently work with children and families affected by substance misuse. However, relatively little is known about this...
21 Jul 2021 - The Irish Examiner
Data on parents in treatment show that almost one in 10 cases involve people who have children under the age of 17 at home
24 Jun 2021 - The Irish Examiner
Lack of access to childcare services cited as the most significant barrier to women in accessing treatment, new research suggests
12 May 2021 - Wales Online
Lauren Simpson-Eaton, 24, from Barry, was found dead at a house in Grangetown, Cardiff, having taken heroin and cocaine among other substances
20 Apr 2021 - Guardian
‘Filming was banned at the station we shot at. So the cinematographer sat in a wheelchair, concealed the camera on his lap, and I pushed him around, following Natja cruising’The director Uli Edel and his team came to my school. I was sitting there...
09 Mar 2021 - ITV News
At just 18, one young woman has lost her mum, three uncles and a cousin to addiction – and she believes a local dedicated detox centre could have saved their lives and more like them.