Child Development

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01 Jul 2022 - The Independent
Miriam Cates says Government guidance has unwittingly ‘opened the floodgates’ to extreme materials.
01 Jul 2022 - Guardian
Children of poorer mothers who breastfeed are much better at tasks involving speaking, drawing and comprehension as a direct result, a British study has found.They do 8% better in tests of their cognitive ability up to the age of seven – if they...
01 Jul 2022 - Scottish Government
The fourth annual progress report for 'Every child, every chance: tackling child poverty delivery plan 2018-2022'.
01 Jul 2022 - Scottish Government
Building on the "Poverty in rural Scotland: evidence review" (December 2021), SRUC were commissioned to undertake the research project, “Improving our understanding of child poverty in rural and island Scotland”.
30 Jun 2022 - The Herald
SCOTTISH ministers are unlikely to meet their own targets to tackle child poverty with the cost of living crisis making the amition harder, independent experts have said.
30 Jun 2022 - Department for Education
Early education and childcare entitlements for children under 5 years of age in the state-funded, private, voluntary and independent sectors in England.
27 Jun 2022 - The Irish Examiner
Barnardos says families having to use child benefit to pay for electricity and heating, rather than on key clothing for their children
27 Jun 2022 - British Journal of Social Work
In most child protection jurisdictions, a case of child death or serious injury through the actions or inaction of a parent or carer is responded to with an inquiry into the circumstances that led to the death of the child. A key objective of such...
27 Jun 2022 - Department for Education NI
The purpose of this data is to present suspensions and expulsions figures for schools for the 2020/21 academic year. It includes information on the rates of suspension and expulsion and the reason for suspension and expulsion. Breakdowns by...
29 Apr 2022 - The Independent
Policing boss calls for ‘generational shift’ to teach youngsters about dangers of illegal subtances at younger age and more emphasis on risks of gateway drugs such as cannabis