Assessing child neglect

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17 Jan 2022 - NSPCC
Understanding how the Graded Care Profile 2 supports families and practitioners to achieve change.
28 Oct 2021 - Child Abuse Review Volume30, Issue4 July/August 2021
Medical neglect is an issue that forms a part of many child in need and child protection plan.
07 Apr 2021 - By Nuffield Foundation
All children need protection and nurture to develop and thrive, but those under five require particular support. The love and care provided by parents and caregivers lays the foundations for all future emotional, cognitive, and physical development...
18 Jan 2021 - Child Care Law Reporting Project
An interim care order (ICO) was granted in the Dublin District Court in respect of two children one of whom had to be admitted to a hospital’s intensive care unit with severe infection due to head lice and scabies.
01 Dec 2020 - University of Bristol
This policy report includes recommendations for staff in schools and social workers in child protection services, as well as broader messages for staff in other agencies that work closely with statutory services to safeguard children.
15 Oct 2020 - Community Care
Pair of Norfolk serious case reviews warn against professionals becoming desensitised to neglect, importance of cultural competence and need to respond to parental learning difficulties
15 Oct 2020 - Norfolk Safeguarding Children Partnership
Circumstances that led to this Serious Case Review 1.1. In September 2018 Child AG1 , then aged two and a half, presented at hospital severely malnourished and neglected. At the time of this presentation AG was in the care of his mother and father....
31 Mar 2020 - The Irish Examiner
A mother accused of neglecting her four-year-old son and 18-month-old daughter, who were described as being in a “horrific” condition, has had the case against her dismissed.
27 Mar 2020 - The Irish Examiner
A four-year-old boy and his one-and-a-half-year-old sister were described as being in a "horrific" condition