Impact of emotional abuse

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24 May 2021 - Trauma, Violence and Abuse (Vol.21, Iss.4), October 2020, pp 660-677
The aim of the systematic review described in this article was to determine the outcome of child maltreatment in long-term childcare and the scope of the evidence base in this area. Searches of 10 databases were conducted. Forty-nine documents...
14 Jan 2021 - The Herald
Better understanding of childhood trauma could hold the key to tackling Scotland’s drug death crisis, it has been claimed.
07 Dec 2020 - BBC
"I went online to make friends with people who were similar to me, so I could be myself, but when the other kids in school found my profile they made fun out of me."
19 Nov 2020 - The Irish Examiner
More than 40% of gifted adolescents admitted to researchers that they are bullied either face-to-face or through cyberbullying
25 Jun 2020 - Psychology Today.
Children with overtly bullying parents learn quickly about self-defense. They read the signs of gathering rage like a fine-tuned seismograph and do what they can to brace for conflict. But what happens when a parent's guile is packaged as a smile,...
16 Apr 2020 - Journal of Interpersonal Violence (Vol.35, No.1-2), February 2020, pp 150-172
Describes adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) reported by undergraduate students to examine the effect, perceived stress, and perceived social support on health outcomes. Three-hundred-and-twenty-one undergraduate students responded to an online...
31 Mar 2020 - PNAS
Millions of children worldwide live in nonfamilial institutions. We studied impact on adult brain structure of a particularly severe but time-limited form of institutional deprivation in early life experienced by children who were subsequently...
11 Feb 2020 - Child Abuse & Neglect Volume 99, January 2020, 104253
Background Accumulated evidence suggests that childhood emotional abuse is particularly related to adulthood depression. However, this connection demands further explanation regarding potential intermediate factors. Objective This study aims to...
15 Jan 2020 - The Telegraph
Around one in five adults were abused as children, according to the first ever analysis conducted by the official government statistics body. 
12 Dec 2019 - European Archives of Psychiatry Clinical Neuroscience
Background Childhood maltreatment has been linked to a variety of changes in brain structure and function and stress-responsive neurobiological systems. Epidemiological studies have documented the impact of childhood maltreatment on health and...