Investigating physical abuse

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29 Apr 2022 - BBC
Laura Castle said she "absolutely leathered" 13-month-old Leiland Corkill but denies murder.
22 Mar 2022 - BBC News
A five-year-old boy may have survived for "up to several hours" after receiving severe injuries to his abdomen, a court has heard.
17 Mar 2022 - BBC News
A teenager accused of murdering a five-year-old had previously pushed him down stairs and broke his arm, a court has heard.
15 Dec 2021 - BBC News
Star Hobson's former babysitter - the first person to raise concerns about the murdered toddler - has said her warnings were not taken seriously.
15 Dec 2021 - BBC News
In her 16 short months, Star Hobson lived a life in two halves - the first filled with the warmth of true love, the second with cold, callous mistreatment. Concerns were raised. Star's family say they tried to warn authorities. So how did a little...
19 May 2021 - The Irish Times
The court heard harrowing evidence of her state of mind before her children’s deaths.
09 Feb 2021 - Child Abuse Review Volume29, Issue3 Special Issue: Abusive Head Trauma: Recognition, Response and Prevention
This two‐stage study aimed to develop and validate a paediatric abusive head trauma (AHT) awareness questionnaire for healthcare professionals. In stage one, an item pool was created for the AHT awareness questionnaire. Four experts assessed the...
04 Feb 2021 - BBC
Michael Roe and Tiffany Tate deny charges relating to the death of their daughter Holly Roe.
10 Nov 2020 - Daily Post
The defendants appeared at Llandudno magistrates court