Peer abuse

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22 Jun 2022 - NSPCC
Providing support where there’s been harmful sexual behaviour (HSB) between siblings Sibling sexual abuse is a type of intrafamilial abuse that often involves forms of harmful sexual behaviour (HSB).
22 Jun 2022 - BBC
How the most hidden form of child sexual abuse in the home may also be the most common. Livvy Haydock explores the challenges and complexities of sibling sexual abuse.
01 Jun 2022 - The Irish Examiner
Cyberbullying in group chats a big issue for schools, children's charity Barnardos says
27 May 2022 - Wales Online
The school failed to provide her with the right support
28 Apr 2022 - Wales Online
Estyn has published advice to support pupils and staff to call out and prevent what it describes as "a major problem"
27 Apr 2022 - Wales Online
Cristian Pirjol, 18, was discovered with images after his Newport home was raided by police and he was also found to be distributing images on What's App
08 Mar 2022 - Childline
If you or someone you know is being bullied we’re here to help. Try our tips below or find out how to help a friend.
28 Feb 2022 - RTE News
The number of children that reported being bullied at school between 2014 and 2018 increased, according to the latest State of the Nation's Children report.
25 Feb 2022 - Department of Education
This Circular provides guidance for schools and other education settings about identification and management of harmful sexual behaviour displayed by children and young people.
24 Feb 2022 - The Herald
Scottish secondary schools risk becoming breeding grounds for "rape culture" amid high rates of sexual harassment, a report has warned.