Impact of child sexual abuse

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29 Jun 2022 - Belfast Telegraph
Cian Farrelly knew the weight of the shame and trauma he placed on his young sister would work in his favour and keep her silent.
27 Jun 2022 - Child Abuse & Neglect
Background Despite increased institutional safeguards and regularly updated statutory guidance that stresses safeguarding is ‘everybody's responsibility’, children continue to be sexually abused in institutional contexts in England and Wales. There...
14 Dec 2021 - Home Office
This report provides an estimate of the financial and non-financial (monetised) costs relating to all children who began to experience contact sexual abuse, or who continued to experience contact sexual abuse, in England and Wales in the year ending...
30 Nov 2021 - CSA Centre
Designed for professionals, by professionals, the CSA Centre's new Signs and Indicators Template helps professionals build a picture of their concerns, without relying on children to verbally tell us they are being abused.
30 Aug 2021 - Wales Online
Emma Lewis has revealed how her tough childhood shaped her life and how she is now helping others, some of whom have similarly horrendous stories to tell
24 May 2021 - Trauma, Violence and Abuse (Vol.21, Iss.4), October 2020, pp 660-677
The aim of the systematic review described in this article was to determine the outcome of child maltreatment in long-term childcare and the scope of the evidence base in this area. Searches of 10 databases were conducted. Forty-nine documents...
19 Jan 2021 - BBC News
Victims of female child sexual abusers face "enormous stigma and shame", according to police and charities.
07 Dec 2020 - The Herald
Closing submissions were being given to the Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry in Edinburgh on Friday
01 Dec 2020 - Belfast Telegraph
A 67-year-old pensioner has pleaded not guilty to more than 80 charges of sexually abusing almost 20 school children over a 12-year period from June 2006 to August 2018.
30 Nov 2020 - Guardian
Ampleforth college says it will appeal against education secretary’s decision