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29 Jun 2022 - Department of Health and Social Care and NHS England
The Department of Health and Social Care's new plan for digital health and social care.
28 Jun 2022 - Belfast Telegraph
Two stories recently in the news resonated with me. They reinforced why the mission of Employers For Childcare — supporting parents to get into and stay in work — is as relevant today as it was 23 years ago when I founded the organisation.
24 May 2021 - United Nations. Committee on the Rights of the Child
The children consulted for the present general comment reported that digital technologies were vital to their current lives and to their future: “By the means of digital technology, we can get information from all around the world”; “[Digital...
27 Apr 2021 - Ombudsman for Children’s Office
This report has been commissioned by the Ombudsman for Children’s Office and prepared by researchers at the Centre for Disability Law and Policy and Institute for Lifecourse and Society, NUI Galway. The purpose of this report is to explore the key...
10 Mar 2021 - ITV News
Stormont ministers should close a legal loophole enabling some adults to have sexual contact with 16-year-olds in their care, the NSPCC has said.
19 Feb 2021 - Northern Ireland Courts and Tribunals Service, Department of Justice (Northern Ireland), and Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency
The Order creates a code of law governing the care, protection and upbringing of children and the provision of services to them and their families. It confers concurrent jurisdiction on all three tiers of the courts (High Court, county courts and...
18 Jan 2021 - Child Care Law Reporting Project
A judge in the District Court refused to make an order for face-to-face access between a mother and her three children in care, when access had been suspended due to the foster carers’ concerns about Covid-19.
11 Jan 2021 - The Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission
The Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission has initiated legal action against the Secretary of State, NI Executive and Department of Health for Northern Ireland for failing to commission and fund abortion services in Northern Ireland.
22 Dec 2020 - Scottish Government
Scottish Government's Response to the First Minister's National Advisory Council on Women and Girls (NACWG) 2019 Report and Recommendation on Policy Coherence. The recommendations are challenging the Scottish Government to do more to tackle gender...
07 Dec 2020 - Scottish Government
Independent analysis of responses to the public consultation on raising the age at which children can be referred to the Children's Reporter.