Child protection issues

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16 Aug 2022 - Children's Commissioner, 2022
When a child experiences violent, sexual or domestic abuse, whether in their home, school or community, it is vital that they are listened to and that they receive meaningful, specialist support. That is why I welcome the ambitions of the draft...
04 Aug 2022 - Barnardo's
A recent YouGov poll, commissioned by Barnardo’s found that 82% of adults surveyed believed it is very important for children to have consistent adults in their lives who support them through their childhood and beyond. Furthermore, 70% said they...
04 Aug 2022 - Child Abuse Review Volume31, Issue4 July/August 2022
Including statistical models in assessment of referrals about children at risk holds promising aspects. This article presents results from an empirical pilot study developing and testing a statistical decision support system in the form of a...
01 Aug 2022 - Scottish Government
Guidance for proprietors who are obliged to ensure that their school is appropriately resourced and structured to safeguard the welfare of learners. This guidance has been developed in consultation with a number of stakeholders to support good...
26 Jul 2022 - RTE News
The number of referrals to child protection and welfare services increased last year compared to 2020.
22 Jul 2022 - Scottish Government
Information and documentation relating to the provision of data for the annual Child Protection data collection.
19 Jul 2022 - Report by the House of Lords and House of Commons Committee report
Report by the House of Lords and House of Commons Committee report, with recommendations to government. The Government has two months to respond.
07 Jul 2022 - Department of Health
The RQIA was commissioned by the Department to examine the application and effectiveness of the Procedure for the Reporting and Follow-up of Serious Adverse Incidents in Northern Ireland (November 2016). The review was conducted by an Expert Review...
06 Jul 2022 - Belfast Telegraph
A local children’s charity has warned of the increased threat of online child abuse as grooming crimes have more than doubled in Northern Ireland over the last four years.
01 Jul 2022 - NSPCC
The Department for Education (DfE) has published an updated version of the statutory safeguarding and child protection guidance for schools in England, Keeping children safe in education (KCSIE) (DfE, 2022)1. This guidance will replace KCSIE 2021...