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17 Oct 2019 - England
On 12 August 2019 I made a care order and, on 30 September 2019, a final deprivation of liberty (DOLs) order in respect of a young person, A, a girl aged 15½ years.   
09 Sep 2019 - England
MRS JUSTICE THEIS:   Introduction   The court is concerned with applications relating to R, nearly 2. The applicants in the care proceedings are the local authority, who seek care orders. The respondents are R's mother and father. R is a party to...
09 Sep 2019 - England
The Hon. Mr Justice Keehan : Introduction i) whether some or all of EF's injuries were non- accidental inflicted injuries; ii) if so who is the perpetrator or who are the perpetrators of the same; and iii) with whom should the children live, with...
29 Nov 2018 - England
BT & GT (Children : twins - adoption) [2018] EWFC 76 (29 November 2018)
01 Feb 2018 - England
THE HONOURABLE MR JUSTICE KEEHAN:  Introduction 1.             This judgment concerns two unconnected young people who have been accommodated pursuant to the provisions of The Children Act 1989, section 20 (the 1989 Act) for a very considerable...