Court judgements

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15 Aug 2018 - Scotland
The Scottish Court of Session has ruled that a 14-year-old boy should now be able to apply to participate fully in his brother's Children's Hearing, where decisions are made in relation to welfare, care and contact. The boy wanted to have...
04 Aug 2016 - England
a) The approach to be taken in determining a child's long-term welfare once the child has become fully settled in a prospective adoptive home and, late in the day, a viable family placement is identified; b) The application of the Supreme Court...
06 Oct 2009 - UK, European
The applicant, S. W., is a British national who was born in Nigeria and lives in Surrey. The United Kingdom Government ("the Government") are represented by their Agent, Ms J. Gladstone of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.
20 Feb 2009 - Northern Ireland
The appellant is the Northern Ireland Commissioner for Children and Young People ("the Commissioner") who derives her powers from the Children and Young People (Northern Ireland) Order 2003. Amongst her powers is the power to bring...
31 Dec 2008 - England, Wales
This is an action brought by the Official Solicitor on behalf of a child in the care of a local authority alleging serious breaches of duty on the part of both the local authority and the Independent Reporting Officer (IRO) infringing the child...
02 Apr 2004 - Northern Ireland
This is an application by the parents of four minor children for judicial review of a decision by an Appeal Panel dismissing their appeal against the Respondent Trust's decision to place their minor children on the Child Protection Register.