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11 Apr 2014 - Northern Ireland
W, the first named defendant, is aged 58 years. She was married to X the second named defendant in 1971 when they eloped to Gretna Green. The second named defendant is aged 60 years. They had six children together, almost one after the other when...
25 Nov 2009 - England, Wales
"Examination of the papers reveals a wholly deplorable situation. N is a young boy who has two parents who love him but who have demonstrated an unwillingness or inability to put his needs first and who as a result of their relentless pursuit...
06 Oct 2009 - UK, European
The applicant, S. W., is a British national who was born in Nigeria and lives in Surrey. The United Kingdom Government ("the Government") are represented by their Agent, Ms J. Gladstone of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.
24 Jun 2008 - England, Wales
Father seeks permission to appeal against a series of orders that were made by HHJ Cardinal on 30 November 2007. They all arise out of a longstanding dispute between the parents over what, if any, contact father should have with his daughter.
22 May 2008 - England, Wales
This hearing arises from an originating application issued on behalf of the Applicant father, Mr B T, on 13 March 2008 under the Hague Convention. He seeks the summary return of his daughter E to Australia. She is now 2 years 3 months old having...
16 Aug 2004 - England, Wales
These are care proceedings relating to three brothers: D born on 19 November 1987, J born on 20 April 1992 and W born on 1 February 1998. They have an older sister N who was born on 18 February 1985.