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22 Jun 2022 - NSPCC
Providing support where there’s been harmful sexual behaviour (HSB) between siblings Sibling sexual abuse is a type of intrafamilial abuse that often involves forms of harmful sexual behaviour (HSB).
22 Jun 2022 - BBC
How the most hidden form of child sexual abuse in the home may also be the most common. Livvy Haydock explores the challenges and complexities of sibling sexual abuse.
22 Jun 2022 - ACAMH
For this session we welcomed David Trickey to share his knowledge and insights into trauma, specifically exploring children’s responses to traumatic events, when it might become problematic, how it might present itself and why schools make perfect...
15 Jun 2022 - ITV News
"You're going to kill your baby." A County Down mum who was diagnosed with serious mental illness days after giving birth says she was haunted by "horrible thoughts" just days after giving birth.
13 Jun 2022 - BBC News
Single mum Jyndi, 25, from Northamptonshire has told the BBC that she sometimes has to miss meals to be able to feed her child. She works as a care worker and says with rising bills, food and fuel prices, she must find other ways of putting food on...
01 Jun 2022 - Plymouth City Council 762 subscribers
In November 2021, Plymouth City Council announced a new multi-agency Commission to tackle violence against women and girls in Plymouth. The Commissions ambition is to see Plymouth as a city leading the way on the issue of male violence against women...
30 May 2022 - BBC News
A woman who was abused by former Derry deputy mayor James McKeever says she hates him for what he did to her.
26 May 2022 -
Explanation Video for NISRA Suicide Statistics Review NI 2022
23 May 2022 - BBC News
Jenny and Ryan are strangers who live in different parts of Northern Ireland.
19 May 2022 - BBC One Panorama
Louise Tickle investigates how social workers make critical decisions about children’s lives and hears from families who have been damaged by decisions made by one local authority.