KUROCHKIN v. UKRAINE - 42276/08 [2010] ECHR 688

20 May 2010

The applicant was born in 1955 and lives in Kyiv.
On 26 July 2004 the applicant and his wife, Mrs K., adopted V.G., an orphan boy born in 1993.
From January 2005, due to conflicts between the applicant's wife on one hand and the applicant and V.G. on the other, they ceased to keep a joint household and the applicant's wife subsequently moved to their summer house.
In October 2006 the applicant sought annulment of his marriage with Mrs K. before the Shevchenkivskyy District Court of Kyiv (the Shevchenkivsky Court).
On 27 October 2006 the child welfare authority of the Vyshgorod Administration (Вишгородська районна державна адміністрація Київської області) delivered its opinion, at the request of Mrs K., on annulment of the adoption of V.G. It found that the relations between the adoptee and Mrs K. were negative, while the applicant had authority over the adoptee and positive relations with him. The report also mentioned that the boy had expressed the wish to stay with his adoptive father and that the applicant was willing to take care of the boy's upbringing. It finally recommended cancelling the adoption with respect to the applicant and his wife, as the relations between the latter had deteriorated, which had a negative effect on the boy, so that it would not serve his interests to stay in his adoptive family.
In November 2006 the applicant's then wife requested the Vyshgorod Court to annul the adoption of the child by her and her husband, on the grounds that the child had attacked her physically on several occasions and that her husband, who had been present during one of the incidents, had refused to stop the attacks. She supported her claim by the report of 27 October 2006.


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