LONDON BOROUGH OF BEXLEY Applicant -and- MR & MRS B CHILD A, by her Children's Guardian

4 Feb 2020

Fortunately, the outcome that I approve for this little girl is an agreed one.  The local authority has withdrawn its application for a placement order and its plan for adoption and proposes to continue to care for A in long term foster care under a final care order, with regular direct contact with her family which will be established at a minimum level in an order.  The parents, who initially volunteered A into foster care due to their recognition that they cannot meet her needs, agree that she should remain in long term foster care and have agreed changes to a final care plan and a contact order that reflect her needs.  The Children's Guardian has shifted her position from an initial support for adoption to support for this amended plan, in particular having heard a number of issues raised in court and during the expansion of the social worker’s evidence during cross-examination. 


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